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North Carolina Medical Society Alliance Celebrates 100 Years

Looking Back at the 1930s…

Seven years after the formation of the Woman’s Auxiliary of the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina, the organization entered the 1930s and the Great Depression. At this point in their relationship, the North Carolina Medical Society determined the basic policies for the Woman’s Auxiliary and approved the Auxiliary’s special projects via an advisory committee. Funding beds at North Carolina tuberculosis sanitoria remained the primary project, with the first bed being named the McCain bed in 1934 and an endowment for its funding begun in 1935. Along with this effort, the Auxiliary launched a campaign to educate North Carolinians about tuberculosis and discussed as a group the effects of socialized medicine.

The second major project started by the Auxiliary was the Student Loan Fund, begun in 1930. These loans provided funds for the education of children of doctors who needed financial assistance. The first loans, for $100 each, were made available in 1933.

The Woman’s Auxiliary leadership began to establish standing committees to meet its goals. In 1933, the first historian, Mrs. Jasper A. Keiger, summarized information from the first ten years of the Auxiliary as part of a permanent record. Other committees started in the 1930’s include—

1932: The Public Relations Committee

1934: The Scrapbook Committee. Scrapbooks were displayed at each annual meeting.

1934: The Memorials Committee. The chairman recorded members’ deaths during the year and held a memorial service at the annual meeting.

1937: The Programs Committee. This group provided materials and planned programs to be implemented across the state.

1939: The Legislation Committee. This committee, working closely with the NCMS, informed the members of health legislation and asked for their assistance in lobbying for or against it.

Other highlights of the 1930s—

1931: Amendments to the constitution were proposed to allow wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters of members of the Medical Society to become members of the Auxiliary.

1933: The first Executive Committee meeting was held at the S & W Cafeteria in Charlotte. A report from the treasurer, Mrs. A.B. Holmes, showed the recovery of $17.20 from a closed bank in Fairmont.

1936: The Woman’s Auxiliary of the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina name changed to The Auxiliary to the Medical Society of North Carolina.

1937: The Annual meeting attracted 150 registrants who heard about a plan to organize Auxiliaries into districts. Members were warned that State Medicine threatens and were asked to speak against it.

1938: Mrs. Paul P. (Sadie Lou) McCain was awarded the first life membership in the Auxiliary.

Two of the NCMSA's Earliest Presidents

Mrs. B. J. Lawrence (Carrie Tom) 1927-28 Mrs. Charles B. Eldridge (Lucy) 1935-36



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