The North Carolina Medical Society Alliance is proud to support important health promotion efforts in communities across our state.  NCMS Alliance Health Promotion Grants is available to county Alliances and other 501 (c) (3) organizations in North Carolina.
Grant Deadlines

November 30 and February 28
Apply for your Health Promotions Grant




Presentations from the AMA Alliance's 2013 Leadership Development Conference and Annual Meeting are available to view online:


Show Me the Money: Tips for a Successful Financial Year

Tips for Expediting Meetings: Amend, Postpone, Table, Refer, Quorum, Elections and Tellers Reports

 If it's Not in the Minutes, It Didn't Happen: Current Thoughts on Minutes

 How to Run a Meeting: Agenda Training

 How to Run a Meeting: Document Retuention for Connections

 Problem Solving Model (powerpoint)

Problem Solving Model (handout)

 Organization Management Models