Proposed ByLaws Changes

The NCMS Alliance Board of Directors approved proposed bylaws changes will be voted on by NCMSA members at our Annual Meeting on May 16, 2017.

Our current bylaws, effective May 8, 2014, showing the proposed changes and rationales can be accessed at the following link: Bylaw Changes

These proposed changes include the following:

  • Update the requirements of component alliances to reflect a previous definition change of NCMSA regular members
  • Change the name of the House of Delegates to Annual Meeting
  • Change 'delegate' to 'voting member'
  • Eliminate references to regions
  • Delete the Life category of membership
  • Move the nomination submission for a Friends and Family membership from the Resource Development Committee to the Membership Development Committee 
  • Decrease the board of directors size to 'at least 11 and  no more than 15'
  • Decrease the number of various committee members
  • Include interaction with contracted service workers, similar as to personnel, under the Personnel Committee
  • Delete the Mental Health Research Endowment Fund to reflect its move to the Health Education Opportunity Fund years ago
  • Add 'unrestricted' to describe the Health Education Opportunity Fund and 'restricted' to describe the Anne Holmes Hubbard Memorial Lectureship Endowment Fund. These designations reflect the long standing nature of these funds as determined by the Finance Committee.

Submitted by the NCMSA Bylaws Committee:

Susan Edens Hammer, Chair

Racheal Kunesh

Kirby Sheridan

Sheila Josilevich